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RHS based 427 

stroke                         bore                       CID

4.000              4.125           427

This high performance short block is customized to​ customers needs 


   - Forced Induction

   - Naturally Aspirated 

   - Nitrous Injected

This RHS based 427 is built with the best choice in parts while trying to keep the end cost as affordable as possible. As our standard, all blocks are honed with torque plates, all rings are filed to fit and all rotating assemblies are balanced. We use Callies crankshafts and rods and Diamond pistons and rings. All engines are assembled to the same strict specifications as our race engines using Clevite "H" series bearings. This combination of parts has been proven to be extremely durable and affordable. Every engine package is available with your choice of reluctor wheel (24X or 58X) at no additional charge. All reluctor wheels are TIG welded in place to eliminate the possibility of moving.


CALL FOR PRICING  248-669-5810   

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