Engine Dynamometer

DTS PowermarkThe DTS-Powermark features a rugged and durable power absorption unit with a 2” diameter main shaft machined from solid stainless steel and it's the only absorber available with cross vented rotors for smooth and fast water flow. Integrated starters are built into the system so a bell housing, flywheel or engine starter is not required. A torsionally compliant driveshaft connects the engine to the dyno enabling you to run right off the engine's crank shaft while constant velocity joints ensure smooth power transfer. Roll around engine docking carts offer great versatility to adapt to various types of engine's.


Absorber Type                                  Water brake, bi-directional

Maximum Speed                              15,000 RPM

Horsepower Capacity                       2,000+ hp

Torque Capacity                               1,750 lb.-ft 


Available Sensors :


Temperature                                     16-channel thermocouple panel

                                                         12 closed tip thermocouples

Pressure                                           10-channel pressure inputs

                                                          transducers (0-300 psi, ± 60 psi)


Air/Fuel                                              2 pre-configured analog inputs