MotorCity Speed offers chassis dynamometer testing/tuning using the new Mustang MD-1100 AWD eddy current dynamometer.


The advantages of testing on a dynamometer with an absorber ( MD-1100 AWD ) compared to an inertia type of dyno are many. The key advantage is that on the MD-1100 AWD the dynamometer controls the vehicles. This allows for step testing and time sweep testing. On an inertia type dyno, the vehicle controls the rotation of the drum, resulting in an inability to perform step testing or have control of time seep testing. MD-1100 AWD can apply a precise load, equal to the weight and wind resistance of your vehicle. This is a must for proper tuning!


The MD-1100 AWD is a rugged piece of equipment used to apply a controlled load to the test vehicle that provides the ability to simulate actual road loads while the vehicle being tested remains in a safe controlled environment.  GM, Ford and Chrysler in their testing and development of various automotive systems and controls use this same dynamometer. Many NASCAR teams are now also using this same dyno as well.  The MD-1100 AWD enables Motor City Speed to measure horsepower, test drivetrain components, and drivability, conduct road tests and road/track simulations without ever leaving the facility.  The most popular service is the testing/tuning of high performance after-market components.  Conducting before and after (A/B) tests can tell exactly, within tenths of a horsepower, what the modifications have done.

The vehicle is put on the dyno and held down to prevent any movement during the test.  A parasitic test is performed in the appropriate gear and this number is held in the computer for any of the following tests to correct for the losses in the vehicle drivetrain, as well as the dyno itself (see parasitic explanation on next page).  As an example, for a horsepower/torque test, the vehicle is taken through a sweep from the desired start RPM to redline under full throttle.  At the end of the test, horsepower and torque vs. RPM graphs are generated as well as the raw data.


Motor City Speed also has the ability to take air to fuel ratio readings, logged vs. RPM, with a high quality NTK wide band O2 sensor accurate to 0.7%.  This data is shown on the screen, in real time, as the test is running and can also be graphed against any of the other variables in the test such as time or horsepower.

Two 0-5v inputs can also monitor fuel pressure and boost measurements with lab grade transducers for accuracy.


Mechanical Features of the MD-1100 AWD Dynamometer:


  • Dual DC Eddy Current Absorber provides frictionless infinitely variable loading

  • 2000 pounds of built-in mechanical inertia

  • Over 1800 rear wheel horsepower and 1000+ ft./lb torque capacity

  • Dual oversized rollers for maximum tire contact and stability in high horsepower applications

  • Direct mechanical connection between rollers for bi-directional testing (front-wheel drive)


The dynamometer can be rented per run, per hour or per day.

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